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Characteristics of a successful in-home care franchise owner

Leadership skills and passion for helping others is important, but a healthcare background is not

BrightStar Care franchisees come from all walks of life and career backgrounds. Many people may think that experience in the healthcare industry is a prerequisite to success with an in-home care franchise that delivers skilled care, but this is not the case. In fact, many of our most successful franchisees came from other industries.

Jim Guzdziol is a good example. “I mean I had no healthcare background, but I had a lot of good business experience, which of course is important. I think probably the biggest skill-set needed are overall general management skills and the ability to manage people, build a team of people and a culture that can make your business successful.”

Management experience

Since a BrightStar Care franchise will be overseeing a staff of anywhere from 15 to 200 people, depending on the size and number of territories, management experience is an important ingredient to success.

Dean Ulizio, Senior Vice President of Technology for BrightStar Care puts it this way, “I think in our business model there are two things that I really stress as important. One is that owners need to do a good job hiring the right team. This is a people business. It’s a lot about relationships and about your individual commitment to quality, and your passion for serving your customers. So, they need to hire people who are really going to uphold those high standards we have. There’s plenty of tools we give them about selection and onboarding of those people, but ultimately our franchisees hire their team and they manage their team.”

The drive to build a strong business

Opening a BrightStar Care franchise is not only a rewarding labor of love, it’s hard work. Although our franchisees receive world-class training and support, the business does require their full attention.

franchise owner working

“People often ask me, ‘What’s the key to success?’ BrightStar Care has built a great business model and I use an analogy. It’s like, basically we built you a race car. We can make sure it’s working, and that it’s fueled and it’s all ready to go. But the owner is ultimately the one who has to sit in the driver’s seat,” Ulizio says. “We can coach them and we can support them, but they’re the ones who have to drive it around the track.”

In short, a successful BrightStar Care franchisee is most often someone who is a motivated people person with management skills and a certain degree of marketing savvy, who is looking for an opportunity in a stable industry with high growth potential.

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