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BrightStar Care vs. home care competition

BrightStar Care sets itself apart with accreditation and by offering full continuum of care

Nearly 70% of seniors will require assistance in their daily lives, whether it’s unskilled or skilled care, according to a Washington Post opinion piece. That assistance typically falls into one of three main segments in the industry’s continuum of care: companion care, which includes helping clients get to appointments and assisting with their general well-being; personal care, which includes dressing, grooming, and help with mobility issues; and skilled home care, which includes nursing and medical services.



Most of BrightStar’s competition only offers the first two types of care: companion and personal. BrightStar Care sets itself apart from the home care competition by offering services in all three segments, providing clients the ability to adjust their levels of care based on their changing needs without the need to change service providers. Other home care franchises that offer only personal and companion care must turn their patients over to another provider once skilled care is needed. By providing skilled care, BrightStar Care franchisees are able to keep clients for a longer period of time, maximizing revenue potential.


The ability to care for patients over a longer period of time also helps us attract more patients who may currently have less complex needs. When adult children are helping to find caregivers for their parents, they enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they won’t be forced to transition their loved ones to a new provider as needs change.

We are an elite provider

BrightStar Care franchises are consistently accredited by The Joint Commission, which also accredits the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and other world-renowned healthcare organizations. This accreditation is not mandatory, BrightStar Care franchisees submit to the Joint Commission’s standards and inspections in order to maintain the highest quality of care. BrightStar Care’s operations align with best practices recognized by The Joint Commission, so franchisees who follow our systems and training will be meeting elite standards of care.

BrightStar Care franchisee Matt Hayes says the accreditation is a key differentiator that sets the franchise apart from its home care competition. “Once I understood all that BrightStar has to offer, including their standards for Joint Commission, I was sold. Coming out of the medical field, Joint Commission accreditation was a big deal to me. To give you some context around that, in the state of Missouri where I lived, you don’t even have to have a license to do home care. None of my competitors are accredited at all. This holds us to an inspectable regimen of standards that we have to keep and it is a really powerful selling tool.”

Our case managers are medical professionals

Unlike our competitors, BrightStar Care uses a Registered Nurse to manage every case, even though it isn’t required by state licensing. This is highlighted in all marketing materials. BrightStar Care Chief Marketing Officer Steve Schildwachter explains why.



“Every single BrightStar Care location has an RN Director of Nursing overseeing every case. And that opens up our ability to provide skilled services. When you look at all the ads, ours is the only one with a nurse in it, and it’s no accident.”

Another differentiator is that all BrightStar Care caregivers are carefully screened and licensed, thus ensuring that only the most highly qualified individuals become part of the BrightStar Care team.

Multiple revenue streams

BrightStar Care’s business model also allows for multiple possible revenue streams, giving the franchisee flexibility in determining what works best for their individual market. This allows your business to grow and diversify. For instance, BrightStar Care franchisee Jim Guzdziol points out that in addition to providing home care services to clients, his business is also able to provide staffing services to other healthcare providers.

“Where that comes into play is building relationships in the area healthcare facilities, the assisted living facilities, the independent living and skilled-nursing facilities,” he says. “Building relationships with them to do staffing also leads to referrals for our home-care side and vice-versa. It’s another way to grow the business.”

revenues generated

National Accounts


Our Joint Commission accreditation, coupled with the nationwide footprint of our franchise system, makes BrightStar Care an ideal partner for large healthcare companies that are looking for home healthcare providers to serve their clients. BrightStar Care has secured relationships with more than 100 companies, which provide a strong source of referrals for franchisees from the very first day they open their BrightStar Care location. BrightStar continues to add national account partners who are looking for trusted home healthcare providers to serve patients.


BrightStar Care is on the cutting edge of technology, which makes your business efficient and easier to manage.

By greatly reducing paperwork, we have radically simplified the record-keeping needed to run a successful, scalable home care business.

We continue to invest millions of dollars each year on our proprietary technology platform, which is designed to centralize caregiving plans for clients, simplify scheduling, simplify payroll management, and track clinical outcomes.

“We have technology solutions unlike any other brand,” says BrightStar Care Chief Technology Officer Jim Kearns.

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