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BrightStar Care’s technology advantage

One of the things that’s very unique to us, is the BrightStar Care technology platform as opposed to our competitors. It is the investment that we have always made in technology that makes us stand out.

“We have technology solutions unlike any other brand,” says Jim Kearns, the Chief Technology Officer for BrightStar. “(CEO) Shelly (Sun) has been investing in technology since the very beginning, to the tune of millions of dollars a year, and that investment ensures the technology will continue to drive improvement and efficiencies for our owners as the home care market evolves.”

Automating operations

franchise average gross marginThe investments have helped BrightStar Care automate a lot of the tasks that happen inside a franchisee’s office, such as scheduling. Scheduling may sound simple if you are accustomed to a corporate environment, but in the world of home healthcare, where an individual client may need help for just a few hours a week or 24/7, it’s a matter of matching client needs with caregivers who have the right skills sets and are available when clients need them, which can be a moving target. BrightStar Care technology platform automates this process, making it easy for caregivers to take on added hours. The platform also tracks the hours and tasks performed by caregivers, automating payroll and billing.

“None of our other competitors have a unique solution that can compete with it,” Kearns says.

Gaining insights into quality of care

The technology also provides a centralized data hub for information about clients. Data security helps protect patient information, while details about the care that is needed are shared with caregivers who serve clients. As the patient’s health is monitored, the collected information allows BrightStar Care to measure clinical outcomes for patients. These measurements not only help BrightStar Care ensure we are providing top care to patients, it also allows us to share clinical outcome data with healthcare referral partners who need to understand what actions are cost-effectively improving outcomes for their patients. BrightStar Care has a robust National Accounts program, with over 100 healthcare organizations that refer business to our franchisees. This data allows them to show that we are improving outcomes and lowering costs — overarching goals for both large insurers and the government.

Capturing business intelligence

business intelligenceOur platform is also designed to parse through the massive amounts of data generated by franchisee operations and spot key performance indicators, trends and opportunities.

“We’re really just starting,” Kearns says. “We are continuing to evolve and take this system to the next level, including making some additions that will make the system easy for caregivers to use on their mobile devices, which will make it easier for them to manage their work lives and take advantage of earning opportunities.”

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