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Few countries are experiencing rapid population ageing on par with Canada. In 2013, one in five Canadians was age 60 or older. In recent decades, the life expectancy of Canadians has increased by more than 20 years for both males and females. Today, seniors account for one-third of all hospitalisations and more than half of all hospital days.
United Kingdom
In the United Kingdom, the estimate of citizens aged 65 and older is more than 10 million. By 2050, this number is expected to rise to 19 million. Similarly, the increase in the number of seniors age 80 or older is stunning. This population segment now ranges between 3 and 4 million.
The continent of Europe has been experiencing accelerated population ageing for some time now. Europe includes 19 of the world’s Top 20 countries in terms of oldest populations, and the region will continue to see its population age to unprecedented levels in the next 25 years. In Northern Europe, more than 90% of seniors live independently.
Australia is one of three developed nations considered to have a high “old-age dependency” ratio. This means that the country spends far more on healthcare than countries with younger populations. By 2030, the proportion of people age 65 and older will increase to 25% from 19% in 2010.
The ageing of the Mexican population has already begun and will accelerate significantly during this century. In 2000, people aged 60 years or over were 6.8% of the total population. In 2050, they are expected to account for 28%. This group of people 60 and older will grow from 6.7 million, to over 29.7 million by 2050, a change of 440%, while the overall population of Mexico will grow by 29.6%.
Japan’s population is ageing at a faster rate than any other developed nation, with its median age rising from 45 in 2010, to 53 by 2050. The country already has the highest percentage of population over 60 years old, at 32%. In 2013, 9 million Japanese were 80 years or older.

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