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How much can a BrightStar franchise make?

Here’s a look at financial performance and how we make money.

BrightStar Care has the highest average revenue of any home care franchise that discloses financial performance. Our business model sets us apart in several ways. We offer the full continuum of care, including higher margin skilled care that other franchises shy away from; we offer staffing solutions for other healthcare providers, giving franchisees another avenue to make money and provide incomes for their staff; and franchisees enjoy a growing National Accounts program, in which large healthcare providers are turning to BrightStar Care and its franchisees for help providing home care services to clients.


Our systems and support make it easy for you and your staff to manage the complexity of the business model; yet that complexity also wards off competitors, providing a strategic advantage for franchisees.

Those advantages yield bottom line results.

Below is a chart that show the average revenue of our franchisees in 2015 as well as the range of the top performers through bottom performers. Much more detailed information can be found in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

For much more detailed information about financial performance, including a look at how revenue grows as startup franchise locations move into their second and third years of operation (and beyond), fill out the form on this page to access our learning center.

Financial performance

 Average Annual Revenue*
2015 Revenue for Franchisees open 12 months or more
Top 25% of franchisees$2,992,582
Second 25% of franchisees$1,636,839
Third 25% of franchisees$1,126,867
Bottom 25% of franchisees$627,602
 Average Annual Revenue*
2015 Revenue for Franchisees open 24 months or more$1,649,877
Top 25% of franchisees$3,043,813
Second 25% of franchisees$1,672,216
Third 25% of franchisees$1,167,022
Bottom 25% of franchisees$704,010

More details

To explore further, fill out the form on this page to start a conversation. More details are included in our Franchise Disclosure Document, which is shared with candidates who express an interest in becoming BrightStar Care owners.

*Average Revenue for franchisees opened 12+ months (first locations only, see additional info on page 82 of 2016 FDD, Item 19, Table A)