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How BrightStar Care home health franchise recruits RNs

High clinical standards and unique opportunities help our home health franchise owners recruit nurses and caregivers

Each BrightStar Care franchise’s Director of Nursing is a registered nurse. RNs are skilled, highly trained and in demand, so how do you get them to work for you?

“Most of our franchise candidates have no healthcare background, and that’s okay. Candidates typically ask a lot about the role of the Director of Nursing and ask, ‘How do you find these elusive people?’” says Sharon Roth Maguire, MS, RN, GNP-BC, Chief Clinical Quality Officer for BrightStar Care. “BrightStar Care has tools and resources to help guide you in where to look, how to recruit and even how to interview for a Director of Nursing.”

Roth Maguire, a nurse practitioner who specializes in geriatric care, says BrightStar Care nurses enjoy the ability to make decisions that impact the lives of patients, and are not burdened by bureaucratic gatekeepers who can slow down the process of delivering quality care.

“It’s very rare in a nurse’s career, that they get to report directly to the CEO of a company,” Roth Maguire says. “That Director of Nursing has influence and the ability to help shape your organization, and that’s a real privilege for them. Together, you can make magic happen.”

We guide you to the right people, then help develop their skills

The nurses have to meet high standards of quality in their work, so before they’re hired they complete stringent screening, background checks and face-to-face interviews.

BrightStar Care provides a unique opportunity for nurses by keeping them directly involved in patient and client care while giving them more of a leadership role than they can find in other positions in their field. In addition to providing skilled care, nurses oversee the work of caregivers.

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BrightStar Care provides ongoing training for Directors of Nursing to help them stay apprised of best practices while also building their leadership and team management skills.

Nurses appreciate BrightStar Care’s high standards

At BrightStar Care, we go above and beyond in meeting the highest possible standards of care. We are the only home health franchise to be awarded the Joint Commission’s Enterprise Champion for Quality designation all four years in which it has been offered, which means that more than 95% of our locations are Joint Commission accredited.

“The Joint Commission is the gold standard of accreditation. It’s a voluntary organization that you sign up for, and they are very strict about quality control measures, quality oversight, patient files and patient safety,” says Jason Lieb, a franchise owner in Central Pennsylvania, who says that the accreditation is an especially powerful recruiting tool among nurses who want to know their new employer will match the quality of care they are familiar with from hospitals. “I knew that bringing BrightStar Care here would be a great thing for clients, but it’s also a great company that caregivers want to work for and are proud to work for.”

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