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BrightStar Care Franchise Videos

See what BrightStar is a great business opportunity

Watch a day in the life of a BrightStar Care location, and hear from executives why now is a great time to open, and what sets the brand apart.

A day in the life of a BrightStar franchise


Why BrightStar is positioned for continued growth


How BrightStar owners get customers


Why medical staffing is an excellent added revenue stream


How our customer experience wins trust and loyalty


How BrightStar’s systems help franchisees manage great teams


A look at the health care trends driving opportunities for BrightStar


How skilled services set BrightStar apart from competition


How registered nurses help BrightStar deliver life-changing care


The characteristics of a top-performing BrightStar franchisee


SWOT analysis: BrightStar vs. the industry