Training and Support

The training to put you on top!

To put you in the best position to succeed, BrightStar Care provides you with first-class training and support. As you learn to implement and execute our proven business model, you’ll gain the confidence and expertise that will help you achieve your goals. Our success-driving program includes:

Pre-Opening Training

This session is designed for new franchisees just learning our system. Topics include: Setting Up Your Business, Pre-Selling The Market, Financial Preparation, Recruiting Employees and much more.

Online Training

These modules set the foundation for sales, operations and clinical roles involved in running a BrightStar Care franchise office. It prepares owners and key employees for more in-depth training at Boot Camp.

Boot Camp

This is where our Master Franchisees and key employees learn how to run the day-to-day operations of a BrightStar Care franchise office as well as the skills needed for each operational role. These roles include:

  • Sales/Marketing – Focuses on growing the customer base
  • Branch Manager – Runs the day-to-day operations
  • Director of Nursing – Oversees the care of all clients

A Talented Supporting Player.

As an International Master Franchisee, you’ll receive ongoing operational support, insightful business consultations and additional training services. A dedicated Field Support Representative will be assigned to your franchise to provide helpful and personalized business coaching and consulting. He or she will provide the tools and expertise critical to training your team and/or individual franchisees.

Our proprietary web-based software. An indispensible tool to help build your business.

Managing a successful business requires more than commitment. It takes the right tools and the knowledge to use them wisely. That’s why BrightStar Care developed a fully integrated proprietary software suite designed specifically to help you execute the BrightStar Care operational model. After all, we want our franchise owners focused on growing their business, not pushing paperwork.

  • Access anywhere, any time via the web
  • Integrated design streamlines scheduling, payroll, billing & financial reporting
  • Benchmark your business against other franchisees using key performance indicators to maximize growth and profitability
  • Integrated CRM module allows you to manage the sales process for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Training to walk you through

Marketing as focused on your business as you are.

At BrightStar Care, we know marketing works best when it all works together. It’s why we take an integrated approach to marketing to drive qualified leads to your offices. Our marketing strategy, materials and messaging focus on a single core message—BrightStar Care offers “A Higher Standard of Home Care.” To support Master Franchisees in developing the most effective consumer and franchise development efforts for your region and situation, we will work with you to customize a strategy based on the proven principals we have used successfully in current markets.

Printed Marketing Materials

Our premium printed marketing collateral uses proprietary imagery and a reassuring tone to convey a compelling single-minded message–BrightStar Care is the provider you can trust to care for your loved ones in the comfort of their own homes. In addition, we also employ a full-time graphic designer on our BrightStar Care marketing team to help franchisees tailor marketing materials according to their individual needs.


Online Presence

Each BrightStar Care office is provided with its own website–launched upon opening and optimized using essential keywords for search engines. Our unique content management setup also offers franchisees the ability to edit and customize content at the local level, promoting specific team members’ expertise or involvement in their communities, while preserving the personality of the overall BrightStar Care brand.


BrightStar Care advertising celebrates the lives and embraces the individuality of our clients – just like our approach to home care. Our TV commercial titled “Earned It” resonates with adult children seeking to provide their ageing parents with the compassionate and professional home care assistance they deserve.

Getting Started

Simply call us at (847) 693-2011 or fill out this brief form to start exploring if a BrightStar Care International franchise opportunity is right for you!